Retarded Ejaculation
What to do when you can't ejaculate during sex

If you're a man who can't reach orgasm or ejaculate easily during sex (or masturbation) this is the place with the answers - including an effective treatment program that will have you ejaculating normally during sex in no time at all!

Not being able to ejaculate during sex - or only being able to do so with great difficulty - is known as retarded ejaculation (or delayed ejaculation). It's also called male orgasmic disorder or anorgasmia, and it's a common problem.

If you can't come during sex (i.e. you can't reach orgasm or you can't ejaculate during intercourse, or it takes you a long time) then you need a treatment that works - and you'll find it on this website!

Retarded Ejaculation - Treatment and Cure
For A Common Male Sexual Problem

Not being able to have an orgasm or not being able to ejaculate during sex is a problem for a lot of men. Even so, "retarded ejaculation" is not very well known, and it's rarely spoken about.

But here's the amazing thing: it's the third most common sexual problem for men - just behind premature ejaculation and not being able to get an erection at all......which means hundreds of thousands of men are experiencing this problem right now.

So let me start by offering my congratulations!

Congratulations? Yes, congratulations, because the very fact that you're reading this means you're looking for a cure, a way to treat the challenge of retarded ejaculation and enjoy a normal sex life. And the great news is that you've found it!

If you're a man with retarded ejaculation, you'll know that even after lots of thrusting during sexual intercourse, perhaps for an hour or more, you still have trouble reaching orgasm and ejaculating inside your partner. But did you know that about one man in ten has this difficulty at any one time? And did you know that only one man in a hundred looks for help?

Maybe that's not so surprising! Retarded ejaculation produces a lot of negative emotions for men - and in any case, seeking help for something that seems so unusual can be challenging. A lot of people don't understand the first thing about male orgasm problems - in fact it's common to hear men speak of prolonged sex in admiring tones ("You can go on for how long?").

In short, it's no wonder men tend to keep this experience to themselves. Yet not being able to ejaculate during sex can make you and your partner feel ashamed, angry, resentful, lacking in sexual confidence and just downright miserable. (Especially if you want to get pregnant....)

Fortunately, help is at hand!

Here, on this website, I'll show you exactly what causes delayed ejaculation, explain in detail the most effective cures, provide all the information you need to treat it successfully at home, and - best of all - you'll discover how to become fully orgasmic and able to ejaculate during sex.

And because delayed ejaculation often affects your relationship, I'll explain how you can eliminate immediately and completely all the negative effects that your ejaculatory problems may have had on your sex life and your relationship with your partner.

This site is unique - it's probably the only place on the web where you can read comprehensive and complete information about the causes of retarded ejaculation, and also see information about the treatment programs you can use at home to deal with it.

You'll hear all about self-help treatment of delayed ejaculation, and get lots of practical, problem-solving information designed specifically for men who can't reach orgasm or ejaculate during sex (and/or masturbation).

Normal Ejaculation Is Easy To Achieve!

My name is Rod Phillips and I'm a sex therapist. I believe most men who have difficulty reaching orgasm and ejaculating during sex want to get a treatment program and a cure from the internet, not from a doctor or therapist.......and so that's what I've provided for you here.

It's based on my personal experience of treating hundreds of men with retarded ejaculation, men who couldn't reach orgasm or ejaculate easily during sex... and it's right here, on this website!

And the really good thing about this program is that you can expect to become fully orgasmic in only a few weeks, no matter how difficult you find it to reach orgasm right now.

With the program available here, you won't have to struggle on, trying harder and harder to make sex good for yourself and your partner, but inevitably finding that you can only ejaculate after sex that lasts up to an hour - or even not at all.

Long-lasting sex may sound great to men who ejaculate after only a minute or two of intercourse, but the truth, as you well know, is completely different. You probably have a lot of negative feelings about sex and your ability as a lover - feelings that no man should have to live with.

Retarded ejaculation can make you think of yourself as a poor lover, as a sexual failure, perhaps, and even produce feelings of guilt and shame, and a sense of letting your partner down.

Your partner may also feel inadequate and frustrated - not to mention sore and tired after hours of fruitless sex! By the way, even though I've often seen or heard wise-guy comments that "not being able to come for ages during sex sounds fantastic", or "it looks like a great way to give her what she wants", the truth is I've only met a few men with retarded ejaculation who agreed with this........mostly because their partners were able to reach orgasm through vaginal intercourse.....and in my view, that's a small compensation which only works for a few women.

Anyhow, I'm here to tell you that normal ejaculation is not only possible, it's easy too! You just have to know the right way to go about it - and when you do, the cure for this problem is well within your reach.

Imagine being able to ejaculate when you choose during sex. Yes, that's right - you'll actually be able to choose when to ejaculate.... no matter how difficult sex is for you now, by the time you've finished reading this website, you'll be able to enjoy normal sex, and you'll be excited about the prospect of ejaculating normally during intercourse!

And Just What Is Normal Intercourse?

The exciting thing is that sex doesn't have to involve a struggle to ejaculate. When you have a problem ejaculating, it usually means your body isn't sensitive enough to sexual stimuli, to sexual arousal, so you never really reach the point at which you're ready to ejaculate.

That may sound a bit strange - after all, your penis is erect, you feel aroused, you want to come....but it's your body that isn't aroused enough.....and this makes you struggle to reach orgasm.....

Happily, there are some simple ways to treat retarded ejaculation, some straightforward techniques that make it possible for you to enjoy sex knowing that when you decide to come, when you choose to ejaculate, you can do so at will. And that's a fantastic experience!

The way it works is this. You enjoy foreplay - you become aroused. Maybe you give your partner an orgasm through hand play or oral sex. Then you move on to intercourse, and you enjoy the shared pleasure of vaginal thrusting with your partner until she's satisfied.

Maybe she has another orgasm, maybe not. However long this may be - after one minute of sex, or two or ten, according to choice - you speed up the depth, rhythm and power of your thrusts and take yourself over the edge into the joyous glory of your own orgasm as you ejaculate inside your partner.

And sometimes you might want to give your partner an orgasm with oral sex or hand play and then enjoy a "quickie," a brief session of sex just to satisfy you. Imagine if you could take your pleasure after a minute or two of vaginal intercourse.....think how good it would be to agree with your partner that this was sex just for your pleasure, that you could reach orgasm after only a minute or two, and that you could ejaculate freely, powerfully and above all pleasurably inside her.....

Sex with what I call "liberated" orgasms and "easy" ejaculations is a truly wonderful experience, probably better than any other human pleasure.

And when you know you can easily come, you'll be able to relax and enjoy sex, as well as being happy to pleasure your partner, and you'll feel truly, deeply and fully satisfied afterwards. Just think of how different that will be! Imagine never having to worry about delayed ejaculation again....

So, you can change the way sex is for you. Lasting too long, not being able to come, suffering retarded ejaculation, whatever you call it, is just a behavior pattern, a pattern of not being able to ejaculate at will.

And it's a pattern you can change any time you want to. You can easily develop the power to choose when you ejaculate, to come whenever you want to. That's true whether you've had difficulty reaching orgasm with one partner or with all your partners..... and when you have this level of choice and control, you'll be free to enjoy making love for just as long (or short) a time as you wish.

That may seem hard to believe if you're struggling to get anywhere near ejaculation right now. Maybe you've already given up, and you're just resigned to the possibility that you'll only be able to ejaculate occasionally, or - worse still - never ejaculate during sex again.

Well, please don't settle for can enjoy the full pleasure of sex whenever you wish, and I can show you how. And that means, of course, that your partner will enjoy sex as well...

Discover How to Ejaculate During Sex
With The Treatment Methods Of Professional Sex Therapists!

First, I know you can do this because I've been a sex therapist for over ten years. In that time, I've shown hundreds of men how they can cure retarded ejaculation, achieve normal orgasms, and enjoy their ejaculations during sex, using exactly the same techniques that you'll find on this website.

I absolutely know that all men, you included, can enjoy a normal orgasm and easy ejaculation!

Second, it's actually quite easy to do this. Sure, it requires some commitment from you - but then, how committed are you right now to sex? The time you save by ejaculating within ten, fifteen or even twenty minutes will be more than enough compensation for the time you need to practice the treatment program which is described, in detail, on this website.

There aren't any quick fixes, any pills or potions, which will do this job for needs some input from you (and your partner): let's say thirty minutes, a few times a week, for about five weeks, before you'll be developing a sense of having control over a "normal" orgasm and ejaculation. Is that OK?

Third, let me save you some time by revealing a few things I've found to be true over the years I've worked with men with retarded ejaculation:

  • you won't overcome anorgasmia and learn to ejaculate normally by using hypnosis (although hypnosis can be useful in learning to relax).
  • there aren't any herbal potions which will treat delayed ejaculation - and that includes Yohimbine, which just raises anxiety and has a number of side effects such as raised heart rate, sweating, headache and so on.
  • you definitely won't cure delayed ejaculation by thrusting harder, faster or stronger.......and in any case, that's probably what you're doing already!
  • if sex isn't working with your current partner, you might have tried making love with another partner - and, yes, it's possible that you found ejaculation much easier with her. But whether you did or you didn't, it's still possible for you to ejaculate in all circumstances with all partners if that's what you'd like to do.
  • the treatment program on this website offers a great way to learn how to take pleasure for yourself during sex, while still making sure that your partner reaches orgasm and is fully satisfied.
  • and more than anything else, this program offers you a way to get fully into your sexual experience, without anxiety, anger or resentment so that YOU enjoy sex to the full!

The only method to overcome retarded ejaculation, the only way to learn how to ejaculate normally, is the method used by professional sex therapists - and it's described in a packed 50 page eBook available right now, right here, on this website.

I explain fully, in clear and explicit detail, why delayed ejaculation happens, what causes it, how you can deal with it, and I give you a series of sexual techniques and straightforward exercises which you can use to train your body to get aroused quicker, higher, sooner. All of which means that you can enjoy your orgasm and ejaculation whenever you choose - quicker, faster, better! Your ejaculation difficulties are going to be stopped, once and for all!

With my help, you'll soon see how to increase your level of sexual arousal to a point where you have control over your ejaculatory response. In my eBook, you'll hear exactly how you can choose when to ejaculate. Yes, you get to choose when to ejaculate!

With a certain amount of dedication and a little practice, you'll quickly notice the length of time before you ejaculate is gradually getting shorter and shorter. You'll find that you can enjoy vaginal thrusting without that desperate feeling that no matter what you do you'll never reach orgasm!

Instead, you'll enjoy the powerful sensations of sex, reveling in the discovery of how easy it is to reach the moment when you know you're going to ejaculate powerfully, inside your partner.

Imagine having this degree of choice and control over your sexual pleasure!

Whenever you wish, you'll be able to enjoy your orgasm and ejaculation: simply by increasing the speed and force of your thrusts, you'll rapidly bring yourself to a thrilling orgasm and a powerful ejaculation.

You Can Enjoy Sex However You (And Your Partner) Wish

Imagine being able to make love for as short or as long a time as you wish before you reach the point of ejaculation. Imagine being able to truly satisfy your partner every time you have sex.

And imagine how pleased and satisfied she'll be, enjoying orgasm after orgasm with you as her lover! 

And here's the best thing: it's easy to learn how to do this!

Yes: it's easy to achieve a level of sexual performance that most men only dream about. All you need is your commitment to be a better lover, a promise to yourself to move into the top few percent of men who reach for the sky during sex - and get there!

Techniques To End Delayed Ejaculation Are
Described In Detail In The Members' Section

What You Get For Your Membership!

This effective cure for retarded ejaculation is described in detail in a packed 5-0 page eBook. It uses straightforward language, with clear, simple, and easy to follow instructions.

I show you every step of the treatment process, every aspect of what you need to do to develop complete ejaculatory control, and I offer continuous support and advice by email. Indeed, we can talk or connect by email whenever you need more information.

The way it works is this: First, there's a system of simple relaxation exercises which will reduce anxiety and increase your sexual self-confidence to new highs.

Second, I explain a whole range of techniques which you can use to increase your sexual arousal - this lets you get much nearer the point of ejaculation much more quickly.

And third, I show you a highly effective technique which lets you control how fast or slowly you approach orgasm and ejaculation.

By combining these three elements of the program into one powerful system, you can learn to enjoy superb sex with complete control over your ejaculation in a few weeks......and your investment of time is only between one and two hours a week.

This small investment of time means you can incorporate the treatment program for retarded ejaculation into sex with your partner - and sex will still take less time than it does at the moment!

Read the eBook, listen to the instructions, then try the exercises for yourself - alone or with your partner! This straightforward, powerful program, will transform your body's responses to sex so that you rediscover your natural capacity for sexual pleasure.

In no time at all, you'll become the lover you always wanted to be.....supremely confident, extremely desirable, and, best of all, in complete control and relaxed about your ability to reach the point of ejaculation easily. You'll be able to satisfy yourself and your partner every time you make love.

And There's More: Hundreds Of Sex Tips, Tricks and Techniques
That Let You Enjoy Sensational Sex Every Time!

Your powerful, newly developed ejaculatory control can be further developed so that you and your partner actually enjoy massive, maybe even simultaneous, orgasms during sex.

And, as you may already know, many women can reach orgasm during sex through vaginal intercourse - but the man has to be aroused, excited and enjoying sex with her for this to happen. I show you exactly how you can achieve this. And that's only a small part of the hundreds of free sex tips, tricks, and techniques, all available to you as a free bonus when you join this program!

Sex will become a powerful, arousing experience. You'll be relaxed, you'll be in control - and your partner will be relaxed too, so that together you'll go to heights of sexual pleasure you've never achieved before.

Without any anxiety, without any worries about whether or not you'll be able to ejaculate, without any doubt that you can satisfy your partner, you'll be assured of complete sexual mastery.

And there's even more: the prospect of simultaneous orgasm. Here's how it works....

The key to great sex is mutual arousal. Your arousal will grow as sex proceeds, so that your ever-increasing excitement takes both you and your partner to the brink of orgasm.

If she's aroused enough, there's a point where a final penile thrust from your penis, touching her G-spot, will trigger her orgasm.

And as your partner's orgasm is triggered by your arousal, you'll feel her orgasmic contractions gripping your penis. This will send you into your own orgasm: imagine the pleasure of relaxing into your ejaculation freely as your partner reaches orgasm around you! You get complete control - and total pleasure!

The pleasure of simultaneous orgasm takes sex to a different dimension......but I want to emphasize that you don't have to aim for simultaneous orgasm to enjoy great sex!

Just being able to ejaculate "normally" during intercourse may well be all you wish to achieve - and without any doubt, it will make your sex life immensely enjoyable and truly satisfying, and as a bonus it will make your relationship infinitely more fulfilling.

Now, you may still be wondering if all this can be true. Here's are some facts: this program works for 96% of men who use it. I've used it with over 250 men in person, and 240 of them have been able to enjoy normal sex as a result.

Finally, if you're in any doubt, as a "thank you" when you join this site, I'd like to offer you TWO superb free gifts to help you improve your sex life even more after you've overcome your delayed ejaculation.


(1) A Photographic Guide To Over 100 Lovemaking Positions!

Of course sex isn't just about positions, but it can certainly  be fun trying out some new variations! And once you have the confidence of knowing you can ejaculate at will, choosing when to enjoy orgasm and fully satisfying your partner, maybe it's time to try something that adds another level of excitement....

So, with my compliments, please enjoy this specially commissioned, explicit, tasteful, high quality, and non-pornographic guide to over 100 sex positions.

It's photographed in high resolution detail, using attractive models who are in committed long-term relationships with each other, and who exemplify the joy and pleasure of true lovemaking. The information and techniques you can see here are exactly what you need to enhance your sexual repertoire and become a true master of the art of love!

(2) A Guide To Sexual Techniques To Achieve Simultaneous Orgasm With Your Partner!

Of course sex can be great with or without simultaneous orgasm....but it does add an extra dimension! I'd like to offer you a great program containing all the techniques which can help you to achieve simultaneous orgasm, taking you to the absolute heights of sexual pleasure every time you make love.

All this material is included in your membership when you join this website...

Sign Up Now - And Discover How To Ejaculate At Will During Sex!

You want to enjoy normal sex, relaxed sex, happy sex, sex without stress, strain or worry about whether you will be able to ejaculate.......and this is the program that will let you do just that! When you sign up to this membership site, you get full access for one year, with all the information you need about overcoming retarded or delayed ejaculation,  ejaculation control, sexual arousal, mutual desire, elementary and advanced sexual techniques, and the best ways to satisfy your partner.

With all this information, you'll gain superb confidence in your sexual ability and you'll feel more confident as a man. You'll develop the skills of a great lover, a lover who can choose when to reach orgasm and ejaculate.

In short, you'll be relaxed and confident with your partner, who'll appreciate you as the powerful lover you really are!

I Am Always Available To Answer Your Questions By Email

Whatever questions you have, whatever issues you'd like support with, I am available by email for you. No matter how many times you want information, advice, or support, you only have to ask!

This exciting, revolutionary program costs a mere $49.95 

This modest investment gives you a full year's unlimited access to this website, including all the updates in the future. For your peace of mind, there are no other charges whatsoever - your credit card is never billed again. For your privacy, you'll never receive any follow up emails - and your email address is never sold, distributed or given out in any way whatsoever.

This program will allow you to

  • discover the pleasure of easy orgasm and ejaculation during sex

  • develop complete control over your orgasm and ejaculation

  • develop the skills to take your partner to the heights of sexual pleasure

  • satisfy any woman in bed

  • develop great lovemaking skills with complete ejaculatory control

  • stop delayed ejaculation ruining your sex life


Join now using the buttons below and you can be ejaculating with complete choice, with complete control, during sex just five weeks from now!



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